JavaScript10 / 10
Ruby7 / 10
Rust6 / 10
C++5 / 10
Lua4 / 10
PHP3 / 10


Node.JS8 / 10
Electron7 / 10
PostgreSQL5 / 10
Nginx5 / 10
MongoDB4 / 10
WebTorrent4 / 10
ElasticSearch4 / 10
Google V83 / 10


Redux10 / 10
React.js9 / 10
StyledComponents8 / 10
Stylus7 / 10
Recompose7 / 10
JSS6 / 10
Rx.js4 / 10


VSCode9 / 10
Gitlab CI9 / 10
Webpack8 / 10
Babel9 / 10
Git8 / 10
Jira7 / 10
Sketch.app6 / 10
Photoshop5 / 10


Single Page Application
Functional Programming
JSON Web Token
Continuous Integration
Pair Programming
Unit Testing
Scrum / Kanban

Professional Experience7

User interface developer at the Yandex in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
From August 2017 to this time
— a year
Development of internal product on React and Node.JS
Build application with Lego, Stylus and BEM wrapper for React
Lead Frontend developer at the KORUS Consulting (Sberbank) in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
From January to August 2017
— 7 months
Develop component library on React for different applications
Setup, deploy and code for B2B application for signing documents
Reviewing code and counseling developers in side projects
React.jsRecomposeReduxJavaScriptRamdaStyledComponentsCSS3Unit Testing
Senior Javascript developer at the The Recon Group
From October to December 2016
— 2 months
Create new React application with Redux, Recompose, JSS and Rx.js
Develop new components for UI library
Port functionality from .NET application
Write tests and configure CI server
React.jsReduxJavaScriptRecomposeJSSRamdaRx.jsUnit Testing
Senior Frontend developer at the 4xxi Limited
From March to October 2016
— 7 months
Developing new React/Redux application
Support node.js application
Fullstack Web-Developer at the ANO "JICSROHE" (Akme.Info)
From December 2014 to February 2016
— a year 2 months
Full stack developing under Rails4
Make design of REST API for Single page application
Develop full application on React.JS
Consult collegues
Configure Continuous Integration server and deploy server
Node.JSRuby on RailsPostgreSQLReact.jsHTML5CSS3JavaScriptBamboo CIPair ProgrammingUnit Testing
Serverside PHP-programmer at the Nevosoft LLC in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
From March to December 2014
— 10 months
Develop incorporated website on HumHub
Refactoring game core based on PHP code compiled from Haxe
Aggregating statistic data with ElasticSearch and Node.JS
Develop Node.js realtime services for game core
Write small update services powered by Node.JS
Web-developer at the Stroymasters LLC in Pyatigorsk, Russia
From March 2012 to March 2014
— 2 years
Make simple html-layout
Develop modules for online-store based on OpenCart
Move data from MySQL to MongoDB


FSBEI SVE «Georgievsky College»

Speciality: Software computer technology and automated systems

Secondary special education of Technician Programmer